Sitefinity Consulting & Development

Athracian provides full, end to end Sitefinity Services and Sitefinity Consulting. We are certified Progress Partner and moreover - we've been working for many years on the actual Sitefinity product itself.

web development and project management

Web Development & Project Management

Complete new development or maintenance of Sitefinity web sites and their components, services and integrations.
Complete and dedicated project management and Sitefinity consulting.

Upgrade of a Sitefinity Web Site

Upgrade of a Site and Quality Assurance

Upgrade of Sitefinity instance (can contain multiple web sites) to latest version, as well as making sure that the upgraded instances meet the quality standards needed for deployment on live environments.

Sitefinity Consulting

Business Requirements Analysis and Technical Estimation

Knowing Sitefinity technical and feature capabilities, we can help you translate the business requirements into project and technical break down estimate, area by area, one feature at a time.

Sitefinity Technical Architecture

Upfront Technical Architecture & Guidance

Ensuring the right technical architecture, as well as correct integrations and approach towards development reduces greatly the chance for dead-end or missed deadlines. We will provide top notch Sitefinity consulting even for the most challenging projects. 

Sitefinity Code Assesment

Code Quality Assessment

Performing in-depth code analysis and uncovering potential problems. Absolutely critical action and needed step to ensure easier long-term CMS & Web Applications maintenance.

Content Architecture Design

Content Architecture Design

Sitefinity is a powerful platform allowing for separation of concerns – disconnecting content from presentation. Ensuring best practices when planning for the content architecture, as well as content types relations will help in many ways – ensuring the best content scalability, better overall web site performance as well as easier maintenance by content authors and marketing departments.

Sitefinity Performance Investigation

Performance Investigation and Analysis

Performance is never good enough. We can help you pinpoint and fix performance bottlenecks which will directly help you to reduce hosting’s costs, increase backend users’ satisfaction and better visitor conversions. Knowing Sitefinity from the inside out allows us to be creative and succeed where others fail.

Sitefinity security and code vulnerability

Security & Code Vulnerabilities Assessments

We can do security audits beyond the automated static code analysis. We will translate the risks potential into understandable human language and will suggest further actions if needed.

Sitefinity Quality Assuarance

Automation & Quality Assurance Process Setup

Being able to quickly and promptly test the changes coming from the development and marketing teams is a critical capability nowadays. We can help setup the right process with the right tooling, so that you can win more time for actual development, as well as to have additional safety net for you and your client.

Sitefinity Continous Delivery and Deployment

Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment

Having the right process and automation between developers, quality assurance engineers, administrators and project stakeholders will reduce the chance of human errors and process-driven omissions in all stages and states of the project development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our web site is running slow. What can be done?

There are many things that can affect the web site performance. Therefore, we will perform full audit of the website code, the deployment environment as well as hardware topology. When we find the root cause, we’ll suggest next steps – be it refactoring, development, or simply configuration changes. 

Yes, very often we can. Sitefinity is extensible platform allowing developers to change and modify almost every aspect and behavior of the system.

In case we cannot directly help with fixing, we will propose the most suitable solution or assist with next steps until the problem is resolved.

No problem! Nowadays there’s plenty of choice when it comes to WCMs. We will get the full context that you have, and advice on suitable system. If you have already selected the system, we will advice on the content architecture, as well as automation of the migration process as much as possible, where it makes sense.

Sitefinity is extensible system, but you have to think for the future ensuring the right architecture of the newly moved data will help for scalability and easier maintenance later.

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